ACTIVM CFC 15 - A Four-Warrior Tournament That's Changing the Game of MMA!10 months ago
Get ready for an epic MMA night like never before! Uncover how four warriors are gearing up to battle it out for the Welterweight title. Fighting twice in the same night to win the prestigious CFC belt!


Figh fans! Brace yourselves for ACTIVM - CFC 15, an MMA event that’s going to redefine „intense.“ Taking a page out of history, where the word „Actium“ represented confrontation and grand showdowns, this event promises nothing less. We’re talking about ACTION at its finest, a unique 4-man tournament that’s bound to keep you on the edge of your seat!

A Night at «City of Dreams» - Where Luxury Meets Sweat and Blood!

Mark your calendar for September 6th, because that’s when all roads lead to Limassol, Cyprus. But this isn’t just any event, it’s happening in Europe’s first and largest integrated resort that officially opened its luxurious doors on July of 2023. Imagine a showdown in a venue that boasts a five-star hotel, an amphitheater, and even the island’s largest pool complex. This is where adrenaline meets opulence, in the heart of the newly inaugurated «City of Dreams Mediterranean.»

Meet the Gladiators - The 4-Man Tournament Line-up

Samuel Blasco (SPA) vs. Diego James Otalora (COL):

  • Samuel «YAN» Blasco: The Spaniard, with Cameroon origins, is on the hunt for his first win of 2023. With 60% of his wins coming from ground finishes, will his submission artistry reign supreme?

  • Diego James Otalora: At 41, this Colombian legend is a stamina powerhouse. He’s not new to the MMA game, with an astounding record of 21 wins and 12 losses.

Arturs Leisans (LAT) vs. Alisson Marreira (BRA):

  • Arturs Leisans: This 25-year-old Latvian prodigy is a knockout king with 6 KOs to his name. With a winning streak of 3 matches, he’s poised for action!

  • Alisson «Sakuraba» Marreira: A Brazilian with kick-boxing style so aggressive, it’s already earned him 5 KOs. At 24, he’s young but a striking threat to be reckoned with.

The Final Showdown - TBD

The winners of the semi-finals will face each other in an epic battle to claim the coveted Welterweight title. The victor gains more than just a belt, they get a ticket to Brazil for the World Championship Tournament in Jannuary to determine the champion of champions!

Where to Watch - Catch Every Punch, Kick, and Submission!

Wondering where you can catch all this high-octane action? We’ve got you covered! From the comforts of your home to the electrifying atmosphere of the City of Dreams, there’s something for every MMA fan!

If you don’t want to miss a single moment but can’t make it to Cyprus, FITE.TV is streaming the event LIVE on PPV. You can also watch the stream on our website at Centurion.TV. Grab some popcorn, invite your friends over, and make a night of it!

The Titans Behind the Thunder - Meet Our Powerhouse Partners

Our electrifying ACTIUM CFC 15 is a tour de force in industry collaboration. Here’s a rapid rundown of the industry heavyweights fueling this groundbreaking event:

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On September 6th, you’re not just witnessing fighters clashing in the octagon. You’re part of a historic moment shaped by visionaries, innovators, and titans in their respective industries. Together, we’re making ACTIUM CFC 15 unforgettable, and inscribing it into the very DNA of MMA history.

Are You Ready for ACTIVM?

The drums of ancient Actium are echoing, summoning you to be a part of this grand spectacle. Whether you’re in the arena with us, or catching the action on FITE.TV, one thing is for sure; ACTIVM is where the world will be watching.

So, are you ready for ACTIVM?!