CFC16 "Mursa" Delivers Unforgettable Night of Victories and Triumphs!6 months ago
Relive the breathtaking moments! CFC16 "Mursa" witnessed fierce battles, unexpected twists, and triumphant victories. Read on for the details, highlights, and results of the event!

Another Successful Night of Combat Galore

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The Sports Pavilion in Malta, was the epicenter of unrelenting action as CFC16 «Mursa» unfolded, leaving the audience awestruck and the MMA world buzzing. With every strike, submission, and decision, history was made, and champions were crowned in a night of unparalleled entertainment.

Main Event Drama

The main card kicked-off with the Grand Prix’s semi-finals where Jonathan Carlos and Felipe Douglas emerged victorious in their respective semi-final matches, setting the stage for an intense showdown in the Grand Prix’s final, at the end of the same night.

In the highly anticipated Main Event clash, Felipe „Buakaw“ Douglas emerged victorious, showcasing his prowess against the resilient Jonathan „Testa“ Carlos. The clash went the distance, culminating in a Unanimous Decision after three intense rounds, sealing Douglas’ triumph in the Welterweight division.

Light Heavyweight Glory

Rafael Carvalho demonstrated his mastery in the octagon, claiming the first Light
Heavyweight title of Centurio F.C against Marcelo Alfaya. Carvalho’s strategic prowess and relentless determination secured a Decision (Unanimous) victory, etching his name in the annals of CFC history.

Unforgettable Moments

The rest of the card was nothing short of spectacular. Patrizio „Tiradentes“ de Sousa Janurario
left a lasting impression with a stunning TKO victory over Hamza „The Joker“ Hamry, while Nikolay Grozdev displayed sheer dominance, securing an impressive Submission (RNC) against Stefan Magalhaes.

Here’s a list of the results of CFC 16 - MURSA:

Main Event: Felipe „Buakaw“ Douglas vs. Jonathan „Testa“ Carlos

  • Winner: Felipe „Buakaw“ Douglas
  • Outcome: Decision (Unanimous)

Light Heavyweight Title Fight: Rafael Carvalho vs. Marcelo Alfaya

  • Winner: Rafael Carvalho
  • Outcome: Decision (Unanimous)

Patrizio „Tiradentes“ de Sousa Janurario vs. Hamza „The Joker“ Hamry

  • Winner: Patrizio „Tiradentes“ de Sousa Janurario
  • Outcome: TKO (Punches)
  • Round: 1
  • Time: 1:42

Nikolay Grozdev vs. Stefan Magalhaes

  • Winner: Nikolay Grozdev
  • Outcome: Submission (Neck Crank)
  • Round: 1
  • Time: 2:53

Faris Lukovic vs. Damiano Calicchia

  • Winner: Faris Lukovic
  • Outcome: Majority Decission

Felipe „Buakaw“ Douglas vs. Joao Luiz „Andrezinho“ Nogueira

  • Winner: Felipe „Buakaw“ Douglas
  • Outcome: Decision (Unanimous)

Jonathan „Testa“ Carlos vs. Matias „El Dragon“ Juarez

  • Winner: Jonathan „Testa“ Carlos
  • Outcome: Decision (Unanimous)

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