Centurion FC 18: A Night of Champions on Isla do Governador
Centurion FC 18: A Night of Champions on Isla do Governador2 months ago
Witness another night of MMA entertainment at Centurion FC 18 in Rio's Isla do Governador. Featuring a stacked fight card, including a battle for the Lightweight Belt. Don't miss this adrenaline-packed event!

Centurion FC 18: Isla do Governador

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Centurion FC is set to captivate the mixed martial arts world again with CFC 18, taking place in the historic and scenic locale of Isla do Governador, Rio De Janeiro. This event, part of Centurion’s Second World Tour, promises an unforgettable night of fights, showcasing top fighters from around the globe in a spectacular setting. As a benevolent gesture to community support, Centurion FC is offering free admission for those contributing non-perishable food or basic necessities, fulfilling the spirit of giving back under the banner «Do good, get in for free!»

Highlighted Fights of the Evening:

  • Cage Boxing Extreme: Karin Kanam (ARG) vs. Arnaldo Moskam (BRA) - 70kg

  • MMA Lightweight Showdown: Kellison Souza (0-0, BRA) vs. Romanti Marrota (1-1, BRA) - 73kg

  • Women’s MMA Bout: Yasmin Guimarães (6-1, BRA) vs. Amanda Torres (9-6, BRA) - 62kg

  • MMA Middleweight Clash: Matias Juarez (14-8, ARG) vs. Bruno Dantas (6-3, BRA) - 80kg

  • Cage Boxing Extreme: Wendel Almeida (BRA) vs. Lucas Gaspar (BRA) - 75kg

  • MMA Welterweight Match: Luan Duarte (11-8, BRA) vs. Gabriel Souza Galindo (7-1, BRA) - 77kg

  • MMA Middleweight Battle: André Borges (10-7, BRA) vs. Ruan Machado (7-1, BRA) - 79kg

  • Co-Main Event: Jose Cleiton De Melo Jr. (13-8, BRA) vs. Jorge Bueno (10-3, BRA) - 88kg

  • Main Event - Lightweight Belt: João Oliveira (13-4, BRA) vs. Bruno Roverso (19-8, BRA) - 70kg

Event Insights:

CFC 18 stands out for its competitive fight card and also for its commitment to fighter safety and sportsmanship, highlighted by its innovative weight system that abolishes weight cutting. This approach ensures athletes compete at their natural weight, promoting a fair and healthy competition environment.

The main event features a highly anticipated battle for the Lightweight Belt between João Oliveira and Bruno Roverso, two prolific fighters known for their striking prowess and determination to emerge victorious. This bout, along with the entire fight card, shows Centurion FC’s dedication to keep delivering high-quality fights and world-class entertainment to its growing global fanbase.

Mark Your Calendars!

Centurion FC invites fans worldwide to witness this spectacular event, whether in person on Isla do Governador, through NBC Sports, Arena Fight TV, Caze.TV, bandsport, or via pay-per-view on Centurion.tv. Prepare for an evening of combat entertainment and pure adrenaline. We are more than a fight promotion; we are a legion. See you in the arena!