Centurion FC and United Fight Alliance Forge a Milestone Partnership to Bring New Fight Content to NBC’s RSNs
Centurion FC and United Fight Alliance Forge a Milestone Partnership to Bring New Fight Content to NBC’s RSNs3 months ago
This November Centurion FC and United Fight Alliance coalesce to bring an unparalleled combat sports experience on a worldwide stage expanding to UFA’s television networks including NBC Sports RSNs.

A Seminal Alliance

Centurion FC, a swiftly expanding force in the Mixed Martial Arts arena has partnered with United Fight Alliance, a 13-year veteran in combat sports broadcasting to bring its MMA events to UFA’s television networks reaching over 125 million homes in the US. This monumental partnership means that Centurion will air on NBC Regionals, AT&T SportsNet, Stadium Sports, Marquee Sports Network and many other platforms. Commencing November 2023, this collaboration elevates Centurion FC’s pulse-quickening MMA events onto NBC’s illustrious broadcasting platform, further enriched by United Fight Alliance’s expansive reach and deep-rooted expertise in combat sports media.

Synergy Beyond Formality

The alignment with United Fight Alliance and its partnership with NBC signifies a significant leap in Centurion FC’s aspirations to ascend as a global promotion in the MMA ecosystem. This strategic coalition transcends mere business arrangements and marks a transformative shift in the landscape of global combat sports entertainment as it opens the door to reach the American audience on platforms such as NBC Sports Chicago, NBC Sports Boston, NBC Sports Philadelphia and NBC Sports California.

Our events are already out on the RSN’s below! Go check us out:

Saturday, 09/16/2023

  • NBC Sports Boston, 11:00 PM
  • NBC Sports Philly+: 09:00 PM

Saturday/Sunday, 09/16/2023

  • NBC Sports Chicago+: 12:00 AM
  • Marquee SportsNet 1:00 AM

Sunday, 09/17/2023

  • Stadium TV: 10:00 PM

Monday, 09/18/2023

  • AT&T Pittsburgh, 1:00 AM

Tuesday, 09/19/2023

  • NBC Sports California, 11:00 PM
  • AT&T Rocky Mtn. 5:00 PM

A Pioneering Commentary Duo

The union of Centurion FC and United Fight Alliance is a groundbreaking collaboration on the corporate level. It is also set to revolutionize the way MMA bouts are narrated. Starting with CFC 16 on November 16, 2023 in Malta, Centurion FC’s seasoned house commentator, Claudio Calleja, will be sharing the microphone with none other than Emmy Award-winning television host and commentator, Jordan “Jay” Adams. “One quick glance at Centurion FC’s enterprising global calendar,” said Adams, “reveals a game plan designed to grow into a top combat sports promotion, world-wide. It’s a true source of pride to join such an impressive organization. Most importantly, I am thrilled to bring Centurion FC’s prime quality fights to our eager American audience. Let’s Hit It!!”

Known for his work with notable organizations like Titan FC, Adams brings over two decades of television and combat sports experience to Centurion FC’s broadcasting team. His commentating skills, enriched by collaborations with industry legends like former UFC Heavyweight Champion Jon Jones, UFC Welterweight Champion Kamaru Usman, Four Weight Class Champion Roy Jones JR, Winky Wright, Jeff Lacey, James “Bone Crusher” Smith, “Suga” Rashad Evans and numerous others, are marked by an unparalleled blend of passion, energy, and deep-rooted knowledge of the sport.

With Adams and Calleja behind the desk, audiences can anticipate a captivating storytelling experience that elevates the narrative of each bout, setting a new standard in combat sports commentary. This dynamic duo will serve as the voice of Centurion FC’s ambitious global journey, chronicling the action and drama as the organization ascends toward its rightful place on the global stage.

The Horizon Beckons

Centurion FC is not merely navigating uncharted waters; we are charting a new course altogether. In tandem with United Fight Alliance and its extensive platform including NBC RSN’s we’re in the process of molding the future of global combat sports. Stay tuned for the latest updates as we invite you to partake in this transformative journey.

About United Fight Alliance

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