CFC17 - Rex Mundi: Countdown to Chaos And Last Minute Updates!
CFC17 - Rex Mundi: Countdown to Chaos And Last Minute Updates!a month ago
Brace for Impact at Centurion FC Rex Mundi - CFC17. Less than 2 days remaining for this ultimate spectacle of MMA madness. Read on and stay tuned to catch all the action!

Centurion FC Returns to Rio with CFC17 - Rex Mundi

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Gear up for an adrenaline-pumping night as Centurion FC presents Rex Mundi - CFC17, roaring into action in just 48 hours! As the name suggests, this is the night where we find out who’s the King of the world, and crowned as the champion of champions from our first 4-man tournament series. However, there’s much more to be looking forward to. The fight card is stacked, and a new twist is set to make this event even more intriguing.

Last-Minute Updates: Lucas Jax Saves The Day!

Hold onto your seats as the dynamic Lucas Jax joins the chaos and steps in on 2 days’ short notice to face Gabriel Souza Galindo in the 77 kg MMA showdown. With a record of 2-0, Jax is ready to shake up the cage and prove that unpredictability is the name of the game in MMA.

The Updated Fight Card!

  • Alexandre Junior vs. Joao Silva - 66 kg MMA
  • Grand Prix Semi Finals:
  • Jonathan Carlos vs. Ronys Torres - 77 kg MMA (1st Semi-Final)
  • Mauricio Otalora vs. Eduardo Souza - 77 kg MMA (2nd Semi-Final)
  • Brendo Bispo vs. Paulo Henrique - 77 kg MMA
  • Kalindra Faria vs. Queila Braga - 61 kg Women’s MMA
  • Lucas Jax vs. Gabriel Souza Galindo - 77 kg MMA

Intermission Alert: 10 Minutes to Catch Your Breath

  • Thiago Lima vs. Andre Borges - 80 kg MMA
  • William Marcelino Baraka vs. Joilton Lutterbach - 83 kg Boxing with MMA Gloves
  • Alexandre Silva vs. Jose Henrique Souza - 84 kg MMA
  • Tournament Final:
  • Winner of Semi Final 1 vs. Winner of Semi Final 2

Where to Watch the Chaos Unfold? Anywhere You Want!

Catch all the action live on CazeTV, Centurion.TV, Fite.TV, and BandSports. Whether you’re in Rio or streaming from across the globe, witness every clash, every knockout, and every victory as fighters go head-to-head in the ultimate MMA showdown!

Get Ready: The Countdown Ends, the Chaos Begins!

With a unique mix of established names and rising stars, CFC17 promises to be a night of unpredictability, jaw-dropping skills, and relentless determination. Get ready for the countdown to chaos!