Slick Nick’s Sizzling Return: Grozdev vs Magalhaes at CFC167 months ago
Dive into the fiery cage where Nikolay "Slick Nick" Grozdev clashes with Stefan Magalhaes in a lightweight duel at CFC16. The sizzle, stakes and suspense await!


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The Centurion Fighting Championship has always been the scorching crucible where warriors find their glory. As the autumn sun dims, the flames of combat burn brighter on the legendary island of Malta. At the heart of this blazing saga is CFC16’s tantalizing lightweight bout between Nikolay «Slick Nick» Grozdev and Stefan Magalhaes, set to send sparks flying across the Mediterranean.

The Gladiators

Nikolay «Slick Nick» Grozdev:

Nikolay «Slick Nick» Grozdev - The Dublin dynamite from SBG Ireland, has become a familiar name within the CFC arena. With a professional record of 6-2-0, Slick Nick has been nothing short of explosive in his tenure with Centurion FC. This will be his 5th dance in the CFC cage, with a fiery victory in his last bout at the 4-man tournament’s semi-finals in Dubai, despite a hard-fought loss in the finals against Jakhongir Jumaev. His agile maneuvers and striking prowess have earned him a deserving spot at the heart of the CFC16’s main card.

  • Nationality: Ireland
  • Fighting out of: Dublin, Ireland
  • Pro Record: 6-2-0
  • Age: 29
  • Height: 5’8" (173cm)
  • Gym: SBG Ireland

Stefan Magalhaes:

Stefan Magalhaes - Hailing from the vibrant land of Brazil, this Belo Horizonte brawler from Alcateia MMA carries a notable 4-1-0 professional record into the cage. With a ranking of #22 in the Bantamweight division in Minas Gerais, Stefan is no stranger to the high-stakes dance of combat. His taller stature and diverse striking game promise a sizzling contest against Grozdev’s well-rounded warfare.

  • Nationality: Brazil
  • Fighting out of: Belo Horizonte, Minas Gerais, Brazil
  • Pro Record: 4-1-0
  • Age: 29
  • Height: 5’10" (178cm)
  • Gym: Alcateia MMA

The Stakes

The air at the Sports Pavilion will tremble with the raw energy of competition as these two gladiators lock horns. With a blend of seasoned experience and burning ambition, this bout is set to be a banger to remember. The winner takes home the glory as they advance to the next steps in their careers.

The Venue: A Coliseum of Modern Gladiators

As the anticipation heats up, the serene island of Malta transforms into a modern-day coliseum. The Sports Pavilion, will be the cauldron for this fiery clash. And as the clock ticks down, on the vibrant Wednesday of November 15, 2023, the world will have its eyes set on the heart of the Mediterranean, where legends are forged in the heat of battle. To reserve a spot and attend in person, you can easily obtain your tickets from HERE.

How to Watch

CFC16 will also be broadcasted live on Centurion FC TV, Fite TV, and Arena Fight. The event will also be featured in NBC’s lineup, providing a broader platform for these elite fighters to showcase their skills.

Final Thoughts

The excitement simmers as the event date closes in. The MMA community is abuzz, weighing the strengths, techniques, and indomitable spirits of these fierce competitors. Who will emerge victorious in this high-octane duel? As Centurion FC continues to elevate the essence of MMA, the realm of possibilities widens, and the heart races faster.

The sizzle of CFC16 is undeniable, and the clash between Grozdev and Magalhaes is sure to be a scorcher. Mark your calendars for November 15 and get ready for a night of adrenaline-pumping action!