"CFC Uncensored" New Documentary Series Debuts on YouTube | Centurion FCa month ago
Don't miss the premiere of "CFC Uncensored," a new documentary series by Centurion FC that offers an unprecedented look into the lives and training of MMA fighters. Tune in this Friday at 7 PM GMT-3 on YouTube.

CFC Uncensored - By Centurion FC.

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Centurion FC, a leading promotion in the mixed martial arts industry, is set to captivate audiences with its new documentary series, «CFC Uncensored.» Premiering this Friday on YouTube, «CFC Uncensored» will feature documentary-style videos that focus on the Grand Prix tournaments and Main Card events of Centurion FC. Each episode aims to delve deep into the personal and professional lives of fighters, showcasing everything from their rigorous training regimes to day-to-day activities and candid interviews. The series is designed to give fans a closer look at what it takes to compete at the highest levels of MMA.

Roberto Gallo, the President and Founder of Centurion FC, shares his vision for the series:

«What inspired the creation of „CFC Uncensored“ is the same thing that inspires me every day: the fighters. Their unique determination and the challenging environments they endure are why Centurion FC exists. It’s our duty to honor their sacrifices by dedicating ourselves just as fully.»

Premiere Details

The much-anticipated first episode of «CFC Uncensored» is set to premiere this Friday at 7 PM GMT-3, with subsequent episodes planned for weekly release. Viewers can expect exclusive behind-the-scenes footage, revealing the narrative that combines the fascinating daily lives of Centurion’s professional MMA fighters with the depth of documentary storytelling.

Gallo further explains the purpose of the series:

"„CFC Uncensored“ marks the beginning of a project aimed at showing the world not just who these fighters are in the cage, but also who they are outside of it.”

Episode 1 Highlights

The debut episode will spotlight fighters Walber dos Anjos and Paulo Lima, offering insights into their preparations and mindset leading up to major fights. Produced by the talented duo Keith Dimech and Kenneth Cassar, and presented in collaboration with 22 Bet, this episode is expected to set a high bar for quality and engagement.

Kenneth Cassar, part of the production team, shared the following insightful details with us:

«The series provides an intimate glimpse into the lives of the main fighters slated to compete in our upcoming CFC event, focusing on those participating in the 4-Man Tournament. We spend an entire day with each fighter, shadowing their natural routines. This comprehensive look at what it means to be a professional MMA fighter is not just about capturing their training but also their personal lives and the communities they impact.»

Kenneth also shared memorable moments from the production:

«There were several moments during the filming of this series that stood out to me, but two in particular remain etched in my memory. The first was on the initial day of shooting with Paulo Lima. The energy present during that session, and the privilege of being up close to witness their meticulous preparation, felt like a definitive step in the right direction, both personally for me and for CFC as an organization. The second moment was profoundly humbling. After completing the first training session with Walber, we accompanied him from the Upper Arena to his home. The moment we saw the entrance to his apartment, we were immediately struck by the stark reality of the lengths to which these warriors are willing to go to achieve their dreams. These experiences not only left a lasting impression on me but also encapsulate the essence of what „CFC Uncensored“ aims to convey.»

Looking Forward

As «CFC Uncensored» unfolds, it will continue to feature different fighters, exploring their unique stories and the diverse challenges they face in the world of professional MMA. The series highlights the physical and mental demands of the sport while emphasizing the human spirit and the profound journeys of these athletes.

Gallo adds,

«As we move forward, we will also target specific scenarios and events outside our roster.»


«CFC Uncensored» represents a significant step forward in Centurion’s rise as globally leading MMA promotion, offering an unscripted look into the lives of those who live and breathe MMA. Whether you’re a longtime fan or new to the world of mixed martial arts, this series promises to be an enlightening, inspiring watch. Make sure to tune in this Friday on YouTube to catch the groundbreaking first episode.

By presenting «CFC Uncensored,» Centurion FC continues to innovate in the arena, and in how the sport is followed and appreciated worldwide. Looking ahead, Gallo shares that CFC is exploring multiple options, which will include additional documentaries, further expanding their engaging and insightful content.