Our Pillars of Strength: A Tribute to ACTIVM CFC 15's Esteemed Sponsors
Our Pillars of Strength: A Tribute to ACTIVM CFC 15's Esteemed Sponsors3 months ago
A standing ovation to our top-tier sponsors for their unwavering support and commitment.

In the enthralling world of MMA, every punch, every takedown, and every strategic move leaves an indelible mark on the audience’s minds. While the fighters are the visible heroes of this journey, there’s an ensemble behind the curtains that powers the spectacle: our sponsors.

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As Centurion FC celebrated the grandeur of ACTIVM CFC 15 in the mesmerizing backdrop of Limassol’s City of Dreams, it’s time we acknowledge the titans who stood by our vision and made it a glorious reality.

22bet - Leading the way with unparalleled dedication.
Digitain - Innovating at every step.
Betroyale - For understanding the heartbeats of sports enthusiasts.
Platin - Blending gaming glitz with the thrill of combat.
Sigma - Bridging the realms of digital and sport.
Green Hill - Outfitting our warriors with the finest gear.

These partnerships are symbiotic relationships sculpted over shared dreams and mutual respect. The roaring success of ACTIVM CFC 15 isn’t just ours; it belongs to every entity that believed in us.

As we close this chapter and set our sights on future ventures, our gratitude remains steadfast. Here’s to more collaborations, more electrifying events, and an unending bond with our esteemed sponsors.

Stay locked, MMA enthusiasts, for more updates regarding or next event, November 15th, Malta. The saga of Centurion FC is only getting fiercer!