CFC18 | Governador: Unveiling the Second Centurion-FC Event of 2024, in Rio de Janeiro
CFC18 | Governador: Unveiling the Second Centurion-FC Event of 2024, in Rio de Janeiro2 months ago
Catch the second CFC event of 2024 on the 8th of March, in Rio, featuring 7 action-packed MMA fights and 2 Boxing Extreme bouts, including a battle for the vacant CFC lightweight championship belt.

CFC18: A Glimpse into the Second CFC Event of 2024, in Rio de Janeiro

Event Overview:

On Friday, 03.08.2024, the world of Mixed Martial Arts will focus its attention on Ilha do Governador, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, as CenturionFC hosts an unforgettable series of MMA and Boxing Extreme bouts. This event promises to deliver adrenaline-infused action, showcasing both emerging talents and seasoned fighters in the MMA arena.

Main Event: The Lightweight Championship

The pinnacle of the evening, the CFC Vacant Lightweight Championship Belt, will see João Oliveira, with a record of 13-4-0, facing off against Jair Farias, who brings a 10-1-0 record to the cage. This match-up will be a war for the title and a pure display of the martial arts spirit harbored within Brazilian fighters.

Co-Main Event: A Middleweight Showdown

The co-main event features Junior Melo (13-8-0) versus Jorge Bueno (10-3-0), promising a clash of strategies and strength. With both fighters ranking high in Brazil’s middleweight category, this bout is poised to be a highlight of the night.

Main Card Highlights

The event is stacked with compelling matchups across different weight classes:

CFC18 kicks off with a fan favorite fighting format; a Boxing Extreme match at 70 kg, where Argentina’s Karin Kanam faces Brazil’s Arnaldo Moskam. This unique bout merges the art of boxing with MMA gloves inside the cage, offering a fresh and dynamic combat experience that promises to captivate fans with its intense striking display.

In the 73 Kg MMA category, the card brings together Brazilian fighters Kellison Souza, making his professional debut, against Romanti Marrota, who is looking to tip his record into the win column. Meanwhile, the 62 Kg Women’s MMA bout features Tunisia’s Maha Houimel against Brazil’s experienced Amanda Torres. Houimel aims to balance her record, but Torres, with a significant advantage in experience, is expected to showcase her skillset and determination in this international matchup.

The 80 kg MMA division sees Argentina’s Matias Juarez clashing with Brazil’s Bruno Dantas in a bout filled with anticipation. Juarez brings a seasoned record against Dantas’s promising power, bringing out the competitive spirit of MMA. The night also includes another 75 Kg Boxing Extreme fight, matching Wendel Almeida against Lucas Gaspar in a Brazilian showdown that adds more fuel to the night’s fire with the incorporation of MMA gloves in another boxing match inside the cage.

Concluding the main card, the 77 Kg and 79 Kg MMA fights feature Luan Duarte versus Gabriel Souza Galindo and André Borges against Ruan Machado, respectively, exhibiting the depth of Brazilian MMA talent. Duarte and Galindo’s bout is a classic experience vs. momentum clash, while Borges and Machado promise a strategic battle, making these matchups central to the night’s action and excitement.

Predictions and Expectations

Ahead of this highly anticipated CFC event, the MMA community on has cast their predictions, revealing fan favorites and anticipated underdogs. João Oliveira leads the predictions with a significant 77% favoring his victory in the lightweight championship against Jair Farias. Similarly, Jorge Bueno is a strong favorite with 89% of the votes in the co-main event against Junior Melo.

Other predictions highlight Gabriel Souza Galindo and Amanda Torres as potential dominators in their respective bouts, with overwhelming support from the community. A closer matchup between Kellison Souza and Romanti Marrota, with 61% leaning towards Souza, suggests a tightly contested fight that has piqued fan interest.

These predictions heighten the anticipation for the event and spotlight the fighters who are anticipated to stand out, according to the collective insights of MMA fans.

Join Us in Rio

Centurion-FC’s event in Rio de Janeiro is more than just a series of fights; it’s a showcase of the heart, soul, and spirit of MMA. Whether you’re a die-hard MMA fan or new to the sport, this event promises an unforgettable experience filled with the raw emotion and exhilarating action that only MMA can provide.

Don’t miss this chance to witness the future of MMA unfold in the heart of Brazil. Join us at Ilha do Governador for an evening where champions rise, and legends are born.