CFC 17 Update: Ronys Torres Steps In as Antonio Monteiro Suffers Injury
CFC 17 Update: Ronys Torres Steps In as Antonio Monteiro Suffers Injury3 months ago
Centurion FC announces injury replacement as Ronys Torres takes the spot of Antonio Monteiro for CFC 17. Details on Torres' stats and career.

CFC 17 - Grand Prix Update

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Centurion FC’s upcoming event, CFC 17, has encountered a sudden shift as Antonio Monteiro faces an injury, leading to a fighter replacement. Stepping into Monteiro’s place is the seasoned Ronys Torres, adding a new dynamic to the anticipated event.

Ronys Torres Profile

Ronys Torres, a Brazilian MMA sensation fighting out of Nova União, boasts a formidable track record with an impressive 42-9-0 professional MMA record. Hailing from Manacapuru, Amazonas, Brazil, Torres, at 37 years old, brings a wealth of experience to the welterweight division.

Career Highlights

Torres has demonstrated his versatility in the cage, showcasing a balanced fight history:

  • Knockouts/Technical Knockouts: 11 wins, 2 losses
  • Submissions: 22 wins, 0 losses
  • Decisions: 9 wins, 7 losses

Previous Performance

In his last fight on August 25, 2023, Torres emerged victorious, setting a winning tone ahead of his upcoming appearance at CFC 17. His affiliation with Nova União adds a layer of expertise and proficiency to his fighting style.

Impact on CFC 17

With Torres stepping in, fans can anticipate an intense clash for the final of our first Grand-Prix series, setting the stage for an exhilarating MMA spectacle. The unexpected change in lineup has fueled more interest, promising an unforgettable event.

Centurion FC remains dedicated to providing top-tier matchups, and the addition of Ronys Torres further solidifies CFC 17 as a must-watch event in the MMA calendar.

Stay tuned for further updates and developments as the countdown to CFC 17 continues.