Centurion FC Teams Up with Fight Globe: A Game-Changer in the Business of Fighting
Centurion FC Teams Up with Fight Globe: A Game-Changer in the Business of Fighting2 months ago
Centurion FC partners with Fight Globe to elevate fight sports content distribution globally. Explore the game-changing collaboration now!

Unveiling a Game-Changing Collaboration

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Centurion FC proudly announces its groundbreaking collaboration with Fight Globe, the
unparalleled powerhouse in fight content distribution worldwide. This monumental partnership marks another milestone for Centurion FC’s significant momentum of global reach and connectivity.

Another Milestone Reached: Centurion FC & Fight Globe

Fight Globe, the leading distributor of fight content globally, boasts a sterling reputation as the definitive Home of Fighting. With its impressive portfolio and a reach that spans over 150 countries, encompassing more than a billion households, Fight Globe stands as an unmatched force in delivering top-tier fight sports events.

Being an integral part of ASG Holding, Fight Globe benefits from a robust media investment firm’s backing, enabling enhanced content distribution franchising. ASG Holding’s expansive portfolio, including Athletic Sports Group, amplifies reach and connectivity across key broadcasters, publishers, and households globally.

Centurion FC’s alignment with Fight Globe signifies a strategic move towards expanding its footprint in the fight sports domain. As a rapidly rising force in MMA, Centurion FC’s partnership with the number one distributor of fight content solidifies its commitment to providing unique sporting entertainment.

A New Era in Fight Sports Entertainment

With over 500 live fight sports programs annually and a vast repository of archived content, Fight Globe’s distribution prowess reaches global broadcasters and platforms, connecting businesses and fight sports enthusiasts worldwide.

Centurion FC’s association with Fight Globe further solidifies its position in the world of combat sports. This collaboration promises an immersive experience for fight sports aficionados, ensuring exclusive access to premium content and events.

Stay Tuned!

Stay tuned as Centurion FC and Fight Globe join forces to deliver the highest quality of fight sports broadcasting, shaping a future where every household can embrace the adrenaline-pumping action of MMA and other combat sports.