Centurion FC and NBC Unleash a Powerhouse Partnership - A New Era of Combat Sports Begins!
Centurion FC and NBC Unleash a Powerhouse Partnership - A New Era of Combat Sports Begins!3 months ago
Centurion FC & NBC join forces in November 2023. Witness the relentless rise of CFC on a global stage. A new era begins.

A Landmark Collaboration

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Centurion FC, Europe’s fastest growing Mixed Martial Arts company, and NBC, the colossal American commercial television and radio network, have forged a strategic and landmark agreement! Beginning November 2023, this groundbreaking partnership propels Centurion FC’s electrifying MMA tournaments live onto NBC’s legendary platform.

The New Alignment - More than a Partnership

This is so much more than a handshake. Centurion FC is entering a whole new league, rubbing shoulders with a combat sports network that has been a big player in American television for nearly a century. This is a huge step forward into our mission of becoming a globally established promotion in the MMA scene.

NBC - A Storied Legacy

Established in 1926, NBC, the renowned National Broadcasting Company, opens its arms to Centurion FC’s dynamic growth. With NBC reaching over 125 million homes, we’re stepping into the spotlight and we can’t wait to show you what we’ve got.

The Future - Expansion and Entertainment

Centurion FC is on the move! Partnering with NBC means we’re making a big splash in the mixed martial arts scene across the whole globe. It’s all about bringing our unique blend of Combat Sports and MMA Entertainment to a broader audience. Are you ready?

Centurion FC’s President, Roberto Gallo, shared his excitement, stating;

«This isn’t just another deal; it’s a game-changer. Teaming up with NBC means we’re reaching millions more, sharing our unforgettable tournaments, and joining a legacy of intense action, top fighters, and spectacular bouts.»

The future is now for Centurion FC. Veni, Vidi, Vici.

«Veni, Vidi, Vici» - «I came, I saw, I conquered.» These timeless words echo the essence of Centurion FC’s bold journey into uncharted territories. It’s the heart of Centurion FC’s daring adventure into new arenas, symbolizing our victory in the modern combat sports world.

Join us as we keep conquering with NBC’s incredible reach and legacy, and stay tuned for more exciting news coming up.

We’re not just talking about the future; we’re shaping it, together, every step of the way. The future is now, and it’s extraordinary. Veni, Vidi, Vici.