ACTIVM CFC 15: A Night of Triumphs, Turbulence, and Twists!
ACTIVM CFC 15: A Night of Triumphs, Turbulence, and Twists!3 months ago
From breathtaking KOs to stunning submissions, ACTIVM CFC 15 lit up Limassol. Dive in for a recap of our most thrilling event yet!

ACTIVM CFC 15 - Another Success Story

Amidst the electric ambiance of Limassol’s City of Dreams on the 6th of September, Centurion FC brought us the kind of stories that myths are made of.

Main Card Revelations: The Highs and Lows

1. Mauricio Otalora vs. Samuel Blasco

  • The calculated moves saw Otalora clinch a unanimous decision and elevate his game to 22-12. Blasco, though on the back foot, re-strategizes for the future with 10-12.

2. Artūrs Leisāns vs. Alisson Marreira

  • Leisāns served a swift KO/TKO in Round 2, marking his territory at 8-5. Marreira takes a pause at 7-5-1 but is far from out.

3. Firuz Pochaev vs. Božidar Trivunović

  • A testament to the heart of a fighter, Pochaev dominated Round 1 despite a crushing knee to the nose, rendering him breathless. But, the compromised state became his undoing, as Trivunović capitalized with a KO in Round 2. Pochaev, now 4-4, showed the spirit of a warrior.

4. Antonio Bushev vs. Enzo Tobbia

  • Tobbia started with grace and rhythm. But, like a master strategist, Bushev dissected him with inside-low-leg kicks. Tobbia, unable to advance to Round 3, gave Bushev the climb to 3-1.

5. Italo Julio vs. Ivan Krajinović

  • In a balletic display of BJJ, Julio swiftly transitioned from a dominant top mount triangle set-up, Krajinović rolled over and tried to stand up, but Julio held tight to his triangle and eventually got the tap in the early seconds of round 1. It was a quick, clinical finish that saw Julio move to 1-1 and left Krajinović reeling at 1-1.

6. Mauricio Otalora vs. Artūrs Leisāns

  • The script was being written in Leisāns’ favor, with judges leaning his way. But in a sport where seconds matter, Otalora’s overhand right turned the tide, leaving Leisāns dazed. A ground-and-pound flourish was the final nail in the coffin, earning Otalora a glorious TKO in the third, and crowning him King of Cyprus.

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As the curtains drew on ACTIVM CFC 15, one thing was crystal clear: MMA is as much about the heart as it is about the fight. And as we bask in the afterglow of Limassol’s epic saga, remember - the adventure isn’t over.

Stay tuned for our upcoming extravaganza in Malta on November 15th. The cage awaits!